Hiking Trails:  Numerous trails exist all over Skinner’s Butte, both official and unofficial.  There are so many, has anyone has bothered to count the?  Pretty trail-heads take off from a number of spots, including the north side, off Cheshire Avenue; the columns on the west side; and from the summit.  Many of the trails and retaining walls were done during the Depression-era CCC works projects. If you are not able to hike to the top, there is a paved road and parking at the top. Great place to take in Eugene’s Vistas, July 4th fireworks, and just relax and look over downtown Eugene.

  • The trails starting on the North side of the butte can be hiked in 30 minutes to 45 mins, round trip.
  • Easy hike to the top, approx 1 mile and 262 feet up, for scenic viewing of the valley.
  • Hiking: bring comfortable shoes and water if you get parched easily. Camera, telescope, binoculars, a good attitude to share with others at the top.
  • Hiking can be done year round. Sunrise and sunsets tend to be the best times and when the sun is shining bright.
  • Pick one of many trails, but no need to create news ones.
  • Please do not leave any valuables in your car.

If you are looking for other local nearby trails, be sure to check out Spencer Butte. The most prominent landmark when facing South Eugene (see image below).