Nestled between the Fifth Street Public Market and the Whitaker District lies Skinner’s Butte Park , one of the gems of Eugene.  Steeped in history and blessed by abundant natural beauty, it’s a unique place and worth experiencing.  Running from the Willamette River at its northern boundary, to the Butte itself at the southern boundary, the park consists of over 100 acres, popular with residents and tourists alike, for a myriad of uses, ranging from:

  • A pretty place to enjoy a picnic
  • A workout while rock climbing or hiking
  • A fun playground for the kids
  • A place to soak in the vistas of Eugene
  • Where to see the birth spot of Eugene
  • Trails to bike or walk by the Willamette River
  • And even a place to grow your own vegetables.

Skinner’s Butte has been around forever, or close to it, namely millions of years.  More recently, within the last 200 years, it is best known as the birthplace of Eugene.  More utilitarian uses, such as rock quarrying *, have also befallen it, but not recently.  The City’s Parks Department now has a Skinner Butte Park Masterplan, which should make it even more special over upcoming years.